Why Use an Editor?

You wouldn’t turn up to a client meeting with mud on your shoes, would you? Presentation is key when it comes to convincing potential clients of your professionalism and your ability to deliver superior service. Mistakes in the presentation of a document can lead to doubts about its content, and about an organization’s attention to detail. Electronic spellcheckers certainly highlight misspellings but they do not recognize homonyms, for example. They will not alert you if you have used an inappropriate — or even wrong — word that could lead to ambiguity, or misrepresentation of your intended message. Grammar checkers do point out where you have confused a singular subject with a plural verb, but they can also produce some rather unexpected — and not always correct — grammatical suggestions. An editor can explain not only the rules, but also when it is acceptable to bend the rules in the interests of clarity.

Good communication is essential when promoting an image of a reliable, professional organization or individual). Clear, confident, unambiguous writing can be a powerful marketing tool.

A good editor will take your text and ensure it is appropriate for your intended readers. The language must be clear — it should reinforce your message and should not alienate readers (through overuse of jargon, for example). The text should flow logically and smoothly, and any figures should add up.